• Blue · boxer · 84282 Transmisor · B1BGDFRH3

Blue · boxer · 84282 Transmisor · B1BGDFRH3

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Blue boxer at Italian Design. Mundo Unico mens underwear m. pushup cup v. support, comfort, breathes, allergy overheating erogenous zones

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With pushup cup for support and comfort

Blue boxer trunk with a broad band of elastic, in large grey letters: UNICO. Mundo Unico ®, designed a new model underwear with a multifunctional pushup cup (basket), it generates a higher level of comfort in the area of the male genitalia: provides support to this delicate tissues, thermal Exchange keeps this on the right temperature and prevents overheating.  * original design * top quality * fit * super comfort material * breathes very well and does not stick * Pushup cup (basket) offers support and comfort to genitals * short pipes not creep up * special insert the cross * underwear creeps not between the buttocks ' cleavage ' * no * special cut back piece at the back material: 78% polyamide * * 22% elastane n.b: order Mundo Unico ® always at least 1 size larger than your regular size

Blue · boxer · 84282 Transmisor · B1BGDFRH3

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