• CEP Nighttech Socks AW18 K4C7WZABQ

CEP Nighttech Socks AW18 K4C7WZABQ

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CEP Nighttech Compression SocksWe have good news for runners who won't let a little darkness get in their way: The brand new Nighttech Socks, created with the help of young designers from Berlin, are sure to attract attention.

The CEP Nighttech Compression Socks are clinically proven to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. By enhancing circulation and oxygen to active muscles the more power and control you will have when exercising. Compression also works to reduce fatigue and the risk of injury by providing targeted support to your calf muscles. High-tech compression fibers wrap around the leg over 300 times to give calf muscles maximum support and stability. This helps prevent micro tears in the connective tissues that cause shin splints.

In addition, air can easily flow through the improved heat and moisture venting zones allowing sweat to be pulled away from the body. Keeping you cool, dry and comfortable at all times. Uniquely arranged colour reflector dots keep you visible after dark allowing you to be seen by passing vehicles. Additionally, a Close-fitting foot section enhances stability and power whilst also ensuring blister free running. Sore muscles and darkness won't stop you when you wear Nighttech Socks.

CEP Nighttech Socks AW18 K4C7WZABQ

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